Could you handle the challenges Perl did? As a four-year-old girl she had to listen to her moms stories about concentration camps.She didn’t want to, but her mom forced her to hear and to remember her words.She was just a little girl that wanted her mom for helping her and to play with. Later on when she started School, she was not playing with the other children. They bulled her out.She was not going to School on Saturdays so therefore she was not accepted.Every morning the teacher sang Christian songs and she was forced to have her finger crossed in her hands.She finds away to step back and put her small hand looking alike a Christian prayer but the children told the teacher about it and she was punished. This was in the mid 1960th in a suburb in Stockholm. Later on when she was about 13 years old, she had a classmate who told everyone that his dad was a Nazi in Hitlers army in Germany. He beat her up in School.Nobody helped her. You can read more about her challenges in this book.